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Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
Here at UGL Express we have a devoted and experienced team prepared to move your FBA shipments from the source to any Fulfilment centre in the UK.We have Centres in Felixstowe and Southampton to cover Ocean Imports and a Centre near London Heathrow to cover Air imports.
UGL Express can offer a Cross Border solution for companies wishing to ship large volumes of product into the UK and Germany.The product is consolidated in the country of export and shipped via Air into London Heathrow ( UK) and Frankfurt ( Germany).
Domestic Final Mile Pallet Delivery.
Road transport is the most convenient method of delivery as goods can be collected from the point of supply and delivered to your chosen destination with little or no intermediate handling.
Fulfilment & Warehousing
UGL Express in cooperation with its service providers has the link into Warehouse Management System (WMS). This allows UGLExpress to integrate fully with our clients’ systems and supports end-to-end inventory management; from when the stock arrives, through the pick & pack and despatch process.
Domestic Final Mile Parcel Delivery.
UGL Express partner and integrate with Premium Carriers and have negotiated the best possible for the Domestic market.The Express Parcel Service is the core of our business , no matter if you are sending Next Day or on a 48 / 72 hour service. We will get it there.
Express Courier – Inbound & Outbound.
UGL Express and its partners offer an International Courier service for time critical deliveries. We can arrange collection from your premises and arrange delivery within a agreed transit time to your customer.