UGL Express

As the world becomes increasingly digital , businesses are gaining access to consumer groups all over the world. Opportunities and new potentials are being unveiled every day with 80% of total B2C eCommerce activities taking place on virtual marketplaces.

UGL Express is an International logistics company that provides a full service and best in class solution for businesses and retailers to deal with Inbound and Outbound.

Transporting from your marketplace , UGL Express has a quick and easy integration that helps to substantially reduce your current expenditures.

Providing a simplified access to eCommerce markets , this gives you the ability to reach millions of customers worldwide.

How can UGL Express eCommerce help you ?

With the help of UGL Express eCommerce , your consumers can shop for their products and pay with their preferred method from anywhere in the world.

A convenient end to end cross border solution.

Module based and flexible service components to meet all requirements.

  • Customer centricity that makes use of first class Account Management.
  • Full tracking from Warehouse to delivery.
  • Choice of transit through Ocean , Air freight , Road freight , Courier and Mail.
  • Full Customs clearance.
  • Through our expert International Logistics service , we can give your business the boost that it requires.
  • With UGL Express , we can arrange pick up and inject into our existing networks . From there the rest is in our hands and we use our established network comprising of best in class carriers and partners. So you can relax and leave it with UGL Express to get your goods delivered within a competitive transit time to your customers door.
  • Swift Customs Clearance
  • Our International Customs specialists handle all of your customs needs from start to finish and include :-
  • Export Documentation.
  • Duty Payments
  • Import processing
  • Evolving deliveries to cope with changes in customs regulations.

UGL Express has years of industry expertise in customs and this helps us to move your goods to their final destination as quickly as possible.

First Class Customer Service.

We provide an affordable end to end solution, delivering your goods directly to the customers door . Our experts ensure all costs are included to give both you and your customer 100% satisfaction.

Fast tracked shipments.

Using our network of best in class carriers and partners , UGL Express can deliver your products swiftly , plus by consolidating the volume of our clients business , we can offer optimal pricing options for your deliveries.

Start your eCommerce journey today.

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