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01 July – Amazon Prime Day

Last year’s global sales event was celebrated in 17 countries and, according to Amazon, was its ‘biggest in history’ yet, with more than 100 million products purchased.

Last year’s global sales event was celebrated in 17 countries and, according to Amazon, was its ‘biggest in history’ yet, with more than 100 million products purchased. The new research report from Periscope By McKinsey explored attitudes amongst 2,587 consumers toward Amazon Prime Day 2019 and found them to be overwhelmingly positive, with 66% of respondents being either excited or eager to get engaged and 70% or more of consumers expecting to participate in this year’s shopping bonanza.

Headline Figures Revealed by the Amazon Prime Day 2019 Survey
  • Interest in hunting down Prime Day offers on Amazon’s own branded devices, products and services is high—with Amazon Video and Music and Amazon Echo/Alexa topping one-third or more of consumers’ wish lists.
  • Most consumers intend to pre-plan and research the products categories they will shop—just 21% expect to shop spontaneously on the day.
  • While 30% of shoppers anticipate spending a bit more than they did last year, an enthusiastic 15% have plans to spend much more.
Amazon Customers Embrace Voice-Assisted Shopping

Today’s hyper-connected consumers regularly use their mobile devices to make everyday purchases—and a growing number of Amazon customers are utilizing Alexa to enjoy an even more convenient voice-shopping experience. The research found that an impressive 40% or more of all consumers surveyed now ask the voice-assistant Alexa to order products from Amazon.

The fast and frictionless advantages of voice shopping exert a strong appeal for consumers aged 18-39, although those aged 40-49 were not averse to using voice to get real-time shopping assistance.

The Majority of Consumer’s 2019 Shopping Activity Will Equal or Exceed Previous Events

Asked about their spending plans for Amazon Prime Day 2019, compared to the last time they shopped in a Prime Day event, 33% of shoppers in the UK together with 30% of those in France, 29 % in Germany and 28% in the US say they’re planning to spend a bit more. Interestingly, a significant cohort of consumers (US, 16%; Germany, 15%; UK, 12%; France, 10%) had not yet locked down their budget and were undecided about how much money they intend to ringfence for shopping around the event.

That said, a noteworthy number of consumers in all markets (US, 18%; France, 17%; UK, 16%; Germany, 9%) say that they expect to spend much more during Prime Day 2019.

Research in Advance Rises Up the Consumer Agenda

Today’s experienced online shoppers don’t anticipate engaging with Amazon’s summer sales shopping spectacular without first undertaking some degree of planning in advance – 75% or more of all consumers in the markets surveyed say they will be researching potential purchases ahead of the game.

Shoppers in the U.S. (25%), Germany (23%) and the UK (22%) were the most likely to shop spontaneously on the day, compared to just 15% of shoppers in France. For the vast majority of consumers, however, planning will begin up to a month in advance of Prime Day 2019.

Consumer Electronics Tops the Category List – but Amazon Grocery Services Gain Traction

Evaluating which products will prove the most enticing for this year’s Prime Day 2019

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