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Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

we have a devoted and experienced team prepared to move your FBA shipments from the source to any Fulfilment centre in the UK.

Low Value Parcel

UGL Express can offer a Cross Border solution for companies wishing to ship large volumes of product into the UK and Germany.

Express Courier Inbound & Outbound.

UGL Express and its partners offer an International Courier service for time critical deliveries.

Fulfilment & Warehousing

our multi-user warehouses and fulfilment centres located in London Heathrow and Birmingham.

Packages Delivered
Repeat Customers
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Commercial Goods

UGL Express has a Warehouse Management System ( WMS) in all locations. This allows us to integrate fully with our client’s systems and supports end to end inventory management , from when stock arrives , through Pick & Pack and dispatch process.

Safe in  

UGL Express can provide you with quotes for Insurance showing costs and fees. We can arrange cover and issue policy documentation. In the event of a claim , we can assist with claims. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for current Insurance coverage.


With UGL Express , we can arrange pick up and inject into our existing networks. From there the rest is in our hands and we can use our established network comprising of best in class carriers and partners. So you can relax and leave it with UGL Express to get your goods delivered within a competitive transit time to your customers door.


UGL Express also has internal IT Systems to allow the customer to produce Address Labels at source , plus get Track & Trace details in real time. UGL Express prides it self on providing up to date IT back up to its customer base.


UGL EXPRESS is a logistics organisation concentrating on eCommerce and Express shipments. Providing a consistently high level of services to its varied customer base globally by all modes of International transport. At UGL Express we have the experience, resources and technology that are essential for today’s eCommerce and Express market place. Wherever the location of your product, you need to know that your goods are in safe hands. Our many services include general transportation by air, sea and land, customs brokerage, haulage and warehousing, imports and exports to and from any UK port to any destination worldwide.

UGL Express provides full UK coverage to Importers and Exporters alike. With our network of Service Providers worldwide we can obtain the most advantageous rates and routings to suit our customers’ needs. Once you have placed your order, let us know and via our appointed representatives we can progress chase with the supplier and monitor the total movement of your shipment until it reaches its final point of delivery.



Providing shipping solutions in ecommerce for merchants , ecommerce service providers and marketplaces.

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UGL express bridges the worlds continents to enable ecommerce and cross border shipping worldwide.

About us

UGL EXPRESS is a privately-owned independent specialising in eCommerce and Express services worldwide. You can rely on our personal in-depth experience, resources and technology across the whole spectrum of operations in the eCommerce and Express sector. Our service heavily relies on personal skills and knowledge which can only be achieved by training and encouraging our staff to develop their talent to think outside the box to find cost efficient and clever solutions to logistical problems.

We continuously strive to fulfil and exceed our customer’s expectations. We pride ourselves on listening to the customer’s requirements and problems and come up with suitable solutions. We pride ourselves on the personal touch, we at UGL Express can offer.



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The High Street may be suffering, but it still outsells the internet by up to 20 to one in some sectors. However, that is all set to change in the next 10 years, with ecommerce overtaking store sales.
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